This is not NLP, This is not language patterns, this is not pick up strategy, this is not anywhere else!

Secret Report - "Covert Mind Control Strategy"


By finding this page,

You are part of less than 1% that will have access to guarded information regarding covert influence

Revealing the purest form of mind control ever to the civilian population

We found the Captain's secret drawer and what is in it, do you want to know?  We wonder how quickly you will become aware of the feeling of a top-level spy discovering the secret documents of mental persuasion and all the advantages as you see this life-changing power of learning the most powerful mind control secret, giving you the ability to secretly deliver hypnotic suggestions, subliminally, to anyone in literally seconds of effort.

Perhaps just one part of this shocking information will relate to you as an individual as you focus on the unspeakable leverage you will gain in life!

Finally the real deal, this report which was never suppose to be released unveils the oldest most powerful mind control strategy known to man in our opinion.  A totally covert method combining all three elements of the universal hypnotic formula which you will learn.  You will be able to hypnotize people without them knowing in literally seconds of effort.

6 Mind Control Researchers Opened Pandora's Box during an in depth study by linking a simple strategy to the most powerful method of subliminal delivery of hypnotic messages!

·Not NLP

·Not Language patterns

·Not a joke

The New Covert Hypnotic Persuasion - "Behavioral persuasion based on reality interpretation.  We believe there is no other method as powerful that has so many advantages. The secret is simple, it can be said in moments but its an understanding you will gain making you unstoppable ."


"This will change reality for sales people, the seduction scene...actually anyone who learns it for any reason." 

·Amazingly simple strategy

·Become completely irresistible

·100% undetected by others

·Can be used covertly by quiet and shy people

·Works with all personality types

·Exact strategy to be meta-persuasive no matter who you are

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One researcher says, "In our opinion there is no reason anyone who learns this shouldn't change the amount of money they have, lovers, friends and power in a short time." 

We realize that if this isn't as powerful as described you would return the report?

Then how can we make such claims?


After discovery the method was tested and approved as 100% mission-success

Short list of the covert strategy conclusions:

·Secretly hold a true hypnotic power

·More easily acquire money (mega-power for sales people)

·Use this for irresistible seduction on any person

·Simply pick the person and deliver suggestions that frames their thinking

·Frame yourself with "General,Leader,Commander" like emotions with peers

·Start a business of your own with this secret persuasiveness

·Feel the gratification of leaving a bully helpless against you

·Use the method a CEO would use in business in your own life

·Or choose to quietly influence while gaining what you want

·Watch as people actually respond to your hidden directives

·Experience the rare feeling of having covert power over others

·Learn this hypnotic power in as long as it takes to read 26 pgs.

·Have the feeling of knowing you can shape the mind frame of your disciples

"The first successful covert op is the most rewarding"

The benefits of this secret technology are endless, there are not enough descriptions to say it all.  One of the creators of this report heard from a un-named business associate that this method in another form was released in confidentiality to a street gang and the key members.  They started going out on the streets each day and coming back with hundreds of dollars cash to their local lieutenants.  Simply by having this kind of influence. This shouldn't be getting in the wrong hands which is why we reserve the right to refuse sale or cancel even after purchase to any person, group or particular organization at our discretion.


Witness the tactic revealed right in front of your eyes?

This report was designed to directly and simply give you the actual secret behind true mind-control in just 26 pages.  There are not hundreds of pages of theory and examples.  You will not read a bunch of "beating around the bush" but see the actual secret revealed to you in front of your very eyes.


Turn The Tables On Them!

That controllers of the world have taken the strict parent role with you without asking.  This information has been kept from all of us and it is the secret party the grown ups have been at after we are put to bed.  It is being held from you with one hand while the other holds the top of your head back so you cant reach it.  In business, life and seduction the 97 percentile is controlled by 3 percent, covertly mind controlled!  You are 1% of the 97% that will even see this page.

We have broken their rules, here you go!

We had to decide how to handle such information, should we make it available, should we keep it hidden?  There is no way people can pay the amount it is actually worth...

Considering all things it had to be revealed but to those who believe and desire change and it had to be an affordable price so we had to come up with an idea... 

You will not believe this!!!

Our idea...

is to offer this to you for a price that makes it an offer you cant refuse.  For this small amount you could justify learning just a couple tips on improving your influence but instead you are getting what we believe to be the most powerful covert hypnotic mind control method that anyone can 26 pages.


Imagine Making The World Your Playground

-Can be used by anyone of average intelligence

-Is completely undetectable

-Is actual hypnotic communication

-Deliver the most irresistible subconscious suggestions instantly

-Can be used for any suggestion possible you can think of


Robert H. - I really was becoming skeptical and then with your web site wondered if it was yet another huge promise with mediocre information at best and all I can say is holy crap!  It only took a few pages in and I knew, cant believe I spent as much as I did on systems before but now I just pass by the products I would of ordered before, I no longer am seeking the missing link, this filled in the blanks.  Really I am sincerely thanking you, this is something I used the day I read the eBook.  All I can say if you want to use my testimony is this is the most real, powerful and common sense information finally made available.  Also I'm a little embarrassed with how simple it is


T.M.A. - The other day I watched as one person started responding to what I was doing and I could see how it was affecting them.  Im totally in the "pinch-me" mode because I know I have a secret tool now and cant believe it is real.

Its time we re-define the elite and take the power back

The most powerful real world strategy to take control now!

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